Friday, July 29, 2011

The First Two Weeks

Our first two weeks have flown by! We have made it with everyone intact and healthy, but the house is falling apart. The "big kids" get out every toy they own EVERY day, so it is hard to keep up with their mess. But, we are loving our new baby, so the house can wait!

We have had some visitors come see us- Grandma and Grandpa Slagley came to visit and get their hands on Morgan. Morgan slept on Grandma for a good long time.

This is just to show you how long she is- it is hilarious that she seems so tiny, but she is just long and skinny.

Sweet girl has been staying awake for longer periods of time during the day, and it is funny to just watch her look around. She has a busy world to watch!

And don't worry, Kate hasn't lost interest yet! She still loves to hold Morgan any chance she gets. She helps keep her covered up, tells me is she needs a new diaper, and buckles her into the bouncy seat. It is nice to have such an attentive helper!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Sweet Baby

We have had a great first week with sweet Morgan. People always say third babies are low-key, and that has been the case so far. She eats, poops, and sleeps. She stays awake after a feed two or three times a day, and sleeps the rest of the time. I am NOT used to this, because Kate and Blake had reflux from such an early age, and were pretty fussy. I do realize that babies change every day, so I am not getting too used to anything yet. I think I am taking more time to enjoy the little things since this could be (probably is) our last baby. I always said I wanted four, but pregnancy has done me in! I think it is pretty sad that I feel better and have more energy AFTER having her- that just shows all my complaining was legitimate!

The big kids have handled Morgan very well, it helps to have each other as playmates. Kate is still REALLY into Morgan, and sometimes a little too hands on. Blake is sweet to her, but holds her hand a little too hard and runs past her a little too fast. There has been some hyper-sensitivity too, they get really upset when they are punished or corrected, which they should be very used to by now. And they don't really like for us to be out of their sight. All of these things should be better soon, at least it isn't worse! I will take some extra snuggle time with the bigger ones, which seem HUGE by the way, compared to my little peanut.

We went to the doctor on Tuesday for Morgan's one week and a really late 4 year checkup for Kate. Brandon was able to be off and go with me, and I don't know how I would have done it without him! Kate got a finger stick and two shots, so we had our share of drama. Morgan got a heel stick, but recovered quickly. When Kate cried, I was trying to entertain Blake so he wasn't watching, and he burst into tears because Kate was sad. So my hormones couldn't handle it, and I teared up at his tender heart. We were a sight! The good news is that Morgan was above her birth weight. When we left the hospital, she was down to 6 lbs 6 oz, and at one week she was up to 6 lbs 14 oz, so I got the go ahead to let her sleep more at night. I was having to wake her up after 4 or 5 hours the first few nights, but now she is back to around 3 to 4 hours between feeds at night. Another thing I was not used to from the other two. They were 2-3 hour night babies, so I will take this! I had planned on putting her in her crib, but I chickened out (or got lazy) and put her in the Moses basket next to my bed, and it seems to be working pretty well. She doesn't really cry when she wakes up, she just makes grunting noises, so I worried I wouldn't hear her.

It is an adventure, but we are making it! And enjoying this sweet new baby. I forgot how much I love a newborn curled up on my shoulder, no wonder I have 3 babies in 4 years! I am going to have to volunteer at a nursery or something after this!

By the way, check this link back to a blog post when Blake was a baby to see how similar they look.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Morgan May Slagley

These kids are so proud to announce the arrival of Morgan May Slagley, born Tuesday at 11:06 am.

I was induced around 6:40 in the morning, and let myself feel painful contractions until about 8:20 until I got the epidural... why wait? It was STRONG! Stronger than my other two epidurals have been, so I couldn't feel much of anything, until I shifted and felt pressure very low and thought I might need to let me nurse know. When I did, she told me we could let the kids back in to say goodbye until after we met Morgan, she was ready to go! It was kind of crazy fast, but we knew once she was coming, she was going to be quick. Two pushes later, she was screaming in front of me. It was so surreal, I was still waiting to exert any sort of effort, but she was already here... thank you epidural (and two other kids to pave the way)! She looked little from the start, and she was our smallest, at 6 pounds 10 ounces. I am a little partial to the smaller ones anyway with my NICU nursing history. :)

They got everything ready for visitors and the kids came running back in. I had so much fun introducing them to their new sister. Their faces were so sweet and excited. Kate's hasn't changed since, Blake has already lost a little interest.

Our new normal...

There is not a better moment than the one where you meet your sweet baby. I just stared at her and tried to see who she looks like- still can't tell you! I see Kate and I see Blake, I see me, and I see Brandon. She is her own little person!

We got settled into our room upstairs and the kids got to come marvel at her again. See Kate's super smile?

There is the super smile again! She is really good at holding Morgan, she stays still until she tells you she is ready to move. Blake will hold her for a minute until something else comes along, then he bails.

Sweet sisters.

Sweet brother!

Getting her first bath. Kate got to help with the lotion after the bath, and she loved it!

We got home yesterday, and we are starting to adjust to life with 3 kids! Thank you for all the calls, texts, and emails- we are so thankful for a healthy sweet girl.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Last Minute Before Morgan

A few more additions to her room... I love the pale blue of her room, and it ties into the bedding, but I had to add a few touches of pink to make it more girly.

I have been busy making her some burp cloths, onesies, bibs, and gowns. She is using SO MANY hand-me-downs, it is nice to make something just for her!

Brandon's work did a diaper and wipe shower for us, and it was a huge blessing! We have diapers and wipes stored behind the glider, under the crib, on her changing table shelves, everywhere! It is so nice to get "showered" with a third baby, especially with things you know you will use! There were a few extra treats thrown in there too, along with a gift for Kate and Blake.

She will be coming on Tuesday if she doesn't make an appearance before then! So, this is my last post before she gets here! I am praying for a smooth delivery and transition to a family of 5! Kate and Blake think they are going on a vacation for a few days with my parents, so I am not so worried about them!

And- I forgot to tell you that we got great news at the foot doctor the other day- I will not need surgery, and I got out of that ridiculous hot boot. Now I am just trying to get used to wearing normal shoes again and keep kids from running ON my toe all the time!

I will be back soon with news about Morgan...