Thursday, September 6, 2012

First day of school

I am soooo behind on lots of posts, but this is a good start! We moved to Greenville, AL, in June and have been going nonstop ever since! The kids started school on August 16 at a school literally 1 minute away from our house. Kate is in K5 and Blake is in K3. They both go Monday through Friday from 8-3. It is a long time away but they are loving it. The first full week was an adjustment for little Blake but he is doing better and napping really well at school. It is amazing how much I seem to get done with just Morgan! She is missing Kate and Blake and all the activity they bring, but she is my little buddy and we do EVERY thing together! Brandon had already left for work on the kids first day of school so we took pictures on the second day with daddy! I will update soon with more pictures and posts of this summer.