Sunday, August 30, 2009


Apparently, Kate is allergic to fire ant bites. Brandon went to get her from Sunday school this morning and they said she was in the office. I had gone to get Blake and when I saw him walking towards me empty-handed, it kind of freaked me out. They will page you if your child is bad or sick, but I had not been paged. She was sitting in the lap of the nursery director eating a sucker smiling, so I figured that whatever had happened was ok now. Then, the director asked me if Kate always reacts this way to ant bites, and I realized that these may be her first ones. (Mosquitos are a different ball game, she is covered in them!) Her foot was fat, red, hot, and tight! Her sandal wouldn't fit over it, so she was carried to the car. We went to Walgreens on our way to lunch to get some Benadryl, and then met my family. Kate was a ZOMBIE the whole meal! My whole family could not believe that she was that quiet and zoned out. She passed out in the car on the way home, and then slept for 3 hours once we got home. When she woke up from her nap, she played for a little bit, but then collapsed on the couch and covered up. Brandon was reading her some books and snuggling with her and said she was hot, and she had a fever of almost 103! She is now dosed up with more Benadryl and Motrin, and she is off to bed! Poor thing!
On a more fun note, Blake is all over the place! He has taken a few steps at a time and then sits down once or twice, but he is climbing all over the couch, the kids' chair, and trying to get onto the coffee table! He is busting out teeth everywhere too- he is showing you his top 2 (and tip of 3) teeth here. I can't believe he is already this big!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Turner came over today and he was a little less excited than Blake to play. Blake was a little too in his face!

A sweet "hug" from Blake and a gentle "high five" from Turner, and somehow Kate slept through it all.

The stare down. It is funny to watch kids this age stare at each other and make noises like they are actually trying to communicate.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Projects and Bossy Kate

These are some new projects I have been doing lately. The little dress is so cute on! It has little side vents that button and it just makes it hang so cute on Kate. The john-john was fun to make, but I am not used to so many details! The smocking part was fun, but the actual construction of the outfit was tedious! It turned out very nice though, and it is fully lined, so I feel like it will hold up nicely. The pattern can be unsmocked and reversible, which is my next venture! The john-john took so long that I don't think I am going to sell them on my sewing blog because I barely have time to make one for my own child! But, I will probably end up selling that style of dress once I make one or two more and get comfortable with the pattern. I really do love smocking and sewing but my love of sleep has suffered lately to get these finished. :)

Kate loves "talking down" to Blake. She is constantly saying, "No No, Bub!" and "Don't bite!" when he is just putting toys in his mouth. She just doesn't realize that is what babies do! We laugh that she has started calling him "Bub" because it sounds like a northerner- my dad still has a touch of a Michigan accent and we like to say that is where she got it. She has gotten a little mean recently, I hate to say. She has this evil little giggle and I know she is torturing him. Yesterday she was pinching his cheeks so hard they turned bright red, and she pulls his ears (like they need to stick out more) so hard. I get more upset than he does. For some reason, he puts up with it. He may whimper a little bit, but he just looks at her wondering what she is doing. I had to explain that if she loves him like she says she does, then she cannot want to hurt him. Then she gets tender-hearted and hugs him and tells him she is sorry. She got so sad that she cried today, but I had to explain that he loves her and forgives her even if he can't tell her. It has made me tear up more than once to see her realize that she is hurting someone (I know it sounds cheesy, but I can't help it- I used to say the random tears were pregnant/nursing hormones, now what can I blame it on?) She really is sensitive, but I am hoping she will learn soon to not hurt him in the first place. The picture of him by the jumperoo kind of reminded me of Brandon's brother, Christopher. Some of Brandon's family has said that Blake looks like Christopher since birth, so I thought I would show this little glimpse that we saw. More and more people have been saying that Blake looks like Brandon lately- it is funny because we look at him and only see Blake!
How can Kate hurt this sweet face? :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

They Will Hate This Later...

"I will help you in."- Kate
"No thanks, I can do this myself."- Blake
I couldn't resist the bottom pictures. They couldn't wait for the water to fill up. Blake was dying to get in. He watched Kate hike her leg up and he thought he could do the same. They won't love these pictures later, but they made me laugh.

Before the splashing began. They had a blast in the tub tonight. Brandon is on call tonight and it is sad when I use bathtime as an activity just to pass time until bedtime. I let them play until they were little prunes!

After the splash fest... all smiles (for Kate). Blake does love playing but sometimes he looks at me like- can you stop her from splashing me now?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Best Buddies

These kids crack me up! They are really enjoying each other these days. Kate gets a big kick out of playing with/torturing Blake, and he gets a kick out of all the attention. She loves dressing up- notice the nice dress over some pink play pants- and putting her dress up stuff on Blake too. If I hear her giggling and him whining, I know that she has put something on his head, and today it was her mesh laundry bag. She also wants to go with me to get him from naptimes, and I let her get in his crib to play and she pretended to put him "night night." He is doing his whiny face saying, "get her out of here." I really think this is getting more fun everyday. But, they are wearing me out. That Kate is something else. She just decided that she didn't want to sleep in her big girl bed last night and cried, screamed, and threw herself against her door until after midnight. She said she wanted to sleep in Mommy's bed- which she has NEVER done in her life- so I was not giving in. Until Brandon reminded me that the morning was coming sooner than we would like and we needed sleep, however we could get it. So she slept with us for the first time, and then today she got a night light so she would have no reason to be afraid, and she is quiet so far... fingers crossed. Anyway, sometimes I couldn't smile more because of them, and sometimes I want to sell them on Craigslist.