Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy BIrthday Blake!

Enjoy a picture show of Blake now, compared to Blake last year!

Blake- you have changed so much in this first year! You are the sweetest baby that can make me smile any time you look at me. You have had me wrapped around your finger since day 1. People always say there is something special between a mother and a son, and it is true! We love you so much, and Kate cannot get enough of you! Notice how pictures show that Kate is often "loving" on you. I also noticed that you end up on Daddy's shoulders a lot too, maybe protection from the wild girl on the floor! It was an adventure having you two kids so close together, but I wouldn't change it for the world, you are more fun everyday! Happy Birthday!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Boots Were Made For Walking

Kate found my cowboy boots the other day. She put them on herself and had a blast.

She thinks they are just her size!

I love how they come halfway up her legs. I would love the find Kate some tiny cowboy boots, anyone seen any?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Begging To Be Outside

When the weather is ugly, Kate is miserable! She was begging to go outside, but it is just misty-rainy, which is even harder to explain to her why we can't be out there. I like to open the blinds of our front door window so they can look out, and they love it! Please excuse Blake's funky hairdo. He has a lot of curl that appears with humidity- why is it always the boys?

Who wouldn't adore these smushed-nose faces peering out? It cleared up for a minute, so I snapped pictures, and then we headed out for a walk. I love that it is cooler, but can the rain stop?
Sorry about the sporadic posting frenzy... we have been home a lot more. Kate's mothers' day out has had "fall break" and Blake has had a fever. More new posts below!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mid-Week Date Night

Who says it has to be a weekend for a date night? Brandon has been working a lot lately and was on call for a lot of the weekend... so I planned a special night last night. I had planned on making some yummy quesadillas, but he called in the afternoon and said he wanted to eat leftovers (I never like to eat leftovers, but he acts like it is a new meal every time). So, we had a good repeat dinner, and then we put the kids to bed. We got The Unit Season 4, Disc 1 in the mail from Netflix yesterday, and we have been waiting to see it- we love that show. Once the kids were in bed, we fixed a bowl of ice cream and a glass of wine, then we curled up on the couch and watched all 4 episodes on Disc 1. It was so nice, and we should do that more often. I always feel bad asking my parents to come watch the kids if we are going to be out for awhile, because they both work. And, we really can't afford to pay a babysitter AND go out on a date... so we improvised and had a "date" at home. I highly recommend watching The Unit if you haven't already- it is a show that both of us like, and that is hard to find!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Worn Out

Kate started going to Mothers' Day Out 2 days a week this fall... and she LOVES it! She talks about school all the time, and she really wears herself out. She goes down for a nap around 2 or 2:30 on school days, and this day, I woke her up at almost 6. I went in, talked to her, she didn't budge, so I went to get the camera, and she didn't budge until I stepped on a noise-making toy. When I woke her up, she was so grumpy because she wasn't ready to get up. And, yes, we are still attached to the pacifier for naps and bedtime. I have tried to talk her out of it and that is NOT going to happen. My pediatrician told me not to worry until she is closer to 3, so that is what I am banking on. Maybe I can talk her out of it by then!

Campbell and Kate are in the same MDO class and they do everything together. It is so funny to hear them talk to each other. We were walking the other day, and Campbell leaned towards Kate and said, "I love you Kate, you are my best friend." If we do not see the Compton ladies for a day or so, Kate will say, "let's eat with Campbell" or "I need Mrs. Katie." She loves Campbell's daddy, Ben too. He is also a resident, but does not work at the same hospital as Brandon. But, if you ask Kate where her daddy is, she says that he is "at work at the hospital with Dr. Ben." So cute! These pictures were from after "school" one day, and you can see how tired they are. We are so thankful to have such sweet friends!