Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Too Funny!

I had to share these for my own memory, but they may be a little "politically incorrect" or something. We went to lunch at a Mexican restaurant and one of the waiters walked right by Kate speaking Spanish very quickly and she stared at him the whole time. A few minutes later, she started talking a bunch of gibberish and when I told her to stop talking like that, she pointed at the waiter and said, "That is what he said, mommy." I am sure he saw her pointing, so that is awesome! I wish I could have stopped laughing long enough to really explain why we don't do that. She is pretty smart, but a little rude to do right in front of him.
Also, this is an old story, but I was reminded of it with her cultural "experience" today. Last year, I was at the beach with Kelly and Turner and my kids, and we went through the McDonalds drive thru for a quick meal. The lady at the window was oriental (not sure if she was Chinese), but Kate shouted from the way back of my Suburban, "Ni Hao, Ni Hao Kai Lan!" If you don't know, there is a cartoon about a Chinese girl called, "Ni Hao Kai Lan" on Nick Jr, and she loves it. She was really trying to be friendly, but I quickly shushed her and told her that we don't assume people speak Chinese just because they look like they might. She really does keep me on my toes!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fun and Cheap Clothes

Kate and Blake (Brandon) gave me some spending money to buy a new bathing suit, but they (he) didn't know that I had already found one on sale a while ago... so they (he) bought me a few other things. Happy Mother's Day to me! I am thankful for two sweet babies to keep me on my toes.
I don't know about any of you blog readers, but I have a hard time finding clothes that look cute and are in my price range. I know many of you are moms, and you know that bodies just don't look the same after babies, or some clothes look like people are trying too hard to stay young. So, I thought I would let you see some of my finds.

I found some cute new clothes today! I was so excited to find shorts that were not to short and not too long. These are called the "boyfriend shorts" from New York and Co. Their whole store was 50% off, so I paid $14 for each pair of these shorts. I got the colors pictured here, but there are plenty of other colors available. I also found the fun tube dress at Old Navy for $15, and it will be a favorite for the summer. It has a strap that comes up from the middle and ties around your neck.
I hate to bore you with a commercial for clothes, but I was pretty excited to find a few things- and you can bet that you will see me wear them over and over again!
I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day with their mother or their children today. I am thankful for all the mothers in our families!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Sound Machines & Other Important Things

Do any of you use sound machines? We sure do! We have always used one for Kate, because when we had her, we lived in a tiny condo and her bedroom wall joined to another condo. And then we used one when we had Blake because Kate was loud and because he was in our room for a while. We like the white noise/rain sounds, and we like it pretty loud!
I used one in college, and Kate used that same one until it recently broke. A while back, Kate started needing a nightlight because she was scared, so we started using the light projector one for her instead of a nightlight. She loves it! We usually love our sound machines... except for at 3 o'clock this morning. Our power flickered and they were gone! Kate's was off completely, and Blake's was a LOUD nightmare of birds chirping. Kate woke up immediately begging for her light, but she went right back to sleep. Blake didn't wake up (I don't know how), but I had to go into his room and turn off the birds and put his rain back on. Seriously, can they not put in a battery backup like my old-school model had? Who in their right mind wants to wake up to a host of chirping birds?
In other news- my sister and sister-in-law had their babies last week. Kelly called me early Wednesday morning as she headed to the hospital. I got to be in her delivery, which was not the most fun one for a previous NICU nurse. She will post the story on her blog soon, but I was just glad to be in there. It is amazing to see every time! John Burke is so sweet and little, and hopefully I will get my hands on him soon!
Then, Friday morning, Derek called and said that Stacy was in labor too. Seriously? We waited to hear more news later, and it was slow to progress, but baby Chloe was here around 5 that night. I finally got my hands on her Saturday morning, and she is tiny- 5 pounds, 5 ounces!
I have to say that it was perfect timing because Brandon had a pretty easy rotation last month and it was all ending this past weekend. He was able to watch the kids so I could be in on most of the action. The kids went up to the hospital 2 or 3 times, but it is no place for kids. They ate junk, tore up waiting rooms, probably annoyed lots of people, ate way too much junk, and just got bored! So, it was great that Brandon kept them home for most of the time. I am sure that is how he wanted to spend his off-time, but he sure didn't want to chase them through the hospital! Also, it was so nice because Kelly was still in the hospital, so we made a home-base out of her room while Stacy was in labor. Their rooms ended up being right next to each other, but Kelly was leaving as Stacy was coming up! We couldn't have planned it any better.
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