Sunday, June 3, 2012

Busy Start to the Summer

Kate just turned 5 this week... how is she already 5?  Anyway, all she asked for is to go to the beach and to go to "Chucky Cheez-its."  So, we did a little of both!  Brandon actually had some time in the morning off one day this week, so we went to Chuck E Cheese for some lunch and a little play time, and she LOVED it!  They could only play a few games (really only reach a few games), so they earned just enought tickets together to get cotton candy as their prize.  Blake is usually my shy one, but as you can see from his face, he warmed right up to Chuck.

We went to the beach the whole week before Memorial Day.  The first weekend was Kelly's birthday, so we celebrated hers and then Kate's birthday a little early.  Heath was there for about a few days, then had to go back to work, so it was me and Kelly with 6 kids 4 and under.  We got some looks, a few nice comments and a few rude comments.  All in all, it was still worth it!  We both knew we would be alond with kids at home or at the beach, so why not at the beach?!  The only pictures I have were when Heath was there because he was GREAT with the big kids- he took all 4 big kids on a sailboat, by himself!  I think it was a hit for 3 out of 4, he said Blake wasn't crazy about it.  Not surprised.

This was everyone all ready to go... and they had a blast!  Heath said Kate even got to go hold onto the front of the boat.

Most days, we could get the babies to nap by the pool or in their tent by the ocean.  We had a tent for each baby but I usually just set Morgan in the shade inside or just outside of Collins' tent with a little fan blowing on them.  This made it a little easier to watch the "big" kids in the pool.  Kate has just learned how to swim completely on her own, so it was so nice to not have to worry about one kid.

A local mall has had a family block party type thing on Thursday nights (I thought it was just May but the sign is still up, so we may go again) with live music, face painting, balloon animals, food samples, etc.  Kate got a butterfly wing thing on her face and she put the paint on her lips too- she loved it!  Blake got a superman face painted, but the picture turned out blurry.

These girls have become best buddies.  Morgan is all over the place, and Kate helps keep up with her.  She really is like a tiny babysitter.  And Kate cheers Morgan along when she finds her standing alone without holding anything.  It is funny because Morgan looks at her like, "why are you clapping and yelling for me?"

We have had some fun sprinkler days and slip and slides, but we go to my parents' pool a good bit to get cooled off and burn off some energy.

My brother in law, Aaron, got married May 5, and Kate and Blake were the flower girl and ring bearer.  Morgan attended, but did what she does best...  And please ignore the nasty dirty stroller that was left outside one too many times.

These two tore up the dance floor.  It was a HOT day, and they ended up smelling terrible because they played so hard in the heat.

Daddy couldn't resist a dance with his beautiful girl.

My mom (GiGi) dancing with Blake, and Papa G and JoJo in the background.

The rehearsal made me a little nervous because Blake wouldn't even leave my lap to practice walking down the aisle, but Brandon had to miss the rehearsal... so the next day, Brandon talked him into walking straight to him and standing still, and HE DID IT!  Kate nailed the rehearsal, but got a little too serious about her petal placement at the actual wedding, and wanted to place them in very specific spots.  She would drop some, turn around and re-arrange them, then drop some more, turn around, etc.  Brandon had to leave his position and coax her to come to him.  She did her job VERY well!  They both did their jobs, then came to sit with me until the end of the wedding, so it was a total success!
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