Thursday, May 3, 2012

Catching Up

I have some catching up to do!  Sorry we have been a little out of pocket, it has been a busy Spring so far.  My sister in law, Stacy, got several baby chicks for Easter, and she even set up a little photo area so we could get the kids' pictures with them.  Kate was IN LOVE!  She was suprisingly gentle with them, and she would help the other kids pick them up and hold them.  She asked for days leading up to it if she could see a baby chick, so when Stacy said she was buying some, we were all over it.  She went to bed asking for it, woke up begging, and she really did enjoy every minute of it.  Blake warmed up to it.  He did better than I thought he would, he loved it when they sat in his lap.  He even helped Morgan get in on the action.  But, she just swatted at them, so she couldn't get too close.  My nephew, John Burke, LOVED the chicks too, in fact he almost "loved" one to death.  Oh well, what do you expect when you let small children hold the baby chicks. :)

Kate likes to use my phone to take pictures whenever she can, and she took this sweet picture of Morgan and me one day playing outside.  I think she is quite the photographer.

We went to Auburn a few weekends ago for the A-Day game.  We ran into our sweet friends, the Johnsons, and enjoyed a delicious lunch and some fun with the giant inflatable Aubie.  The kids had a great time playing with Owen, and I sure loved catching up with his parents.

We also got to see some precious friends, the Comptons.  Katie had plans, so just Ben and Campbell joined us for the game.  Kate and Campbell had a blast catching up and waving their shakers together.  In 2002, Brandon and I had our first date to the A-Day game, so ten years later, here is just part of our family.  Morgan stayed with her JoJo and Papa G to stay out of the sun and get a good nap.  (Ignore my weird jerry curl- my hair fell out after having Morgan and apparently the humidity did not help the situation.)

Last week, Morgan was pretty sick, with a really high fever, and some lab values that made us keep returning to the doctor to repeat.  She was pitiful, I had to take a picture of the sweet girl sleeping and moaning with a fever over 105.  It turned out to just be a nasty fever virus, and we are glad it is gone!  This week, she has been better, so Kate helped her get dressed up in her "workout" gear the other day.  She looks pretty intense!

We had family pictures done this weekend with all 7 grandchildren under 5 years old.  It went pretty well, but Kate did not want to smile, so we will have to see what kind of finished product we end up with.

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