Friday, March 16, 2012

A Birthday Trip and Enjoying Outside

This sweet girl was making some noise during her nap, so I went to check on her, and I am glad I did! She was standing up for the first time in her crib leaning over to reach her pacifier. This is the AFTER picture, after lowering her mattress. Usually I would leave that as a chore for Brandon, but I couldn't let her have another minute in that crib with it at that height. Little stinker!
For some reason, Kate has been begging to get her hair cut, so I just did it before I could talk myself out of it. She looks cute, but OLD!

We have LOVED this weather the past several days. We play soccer, baseball, run races, pick flowers, sit on blankets and read, etc. Anything to just be outside.

Brandon turned 30 last weekend, so we had a little family trip to the mountains. It was JUST what we needed. We had a birthday "party," played games, relaxed on the porch, enjoying an amazing view, and got some much needed rest. It is funny that I felt so rested since we had all 3 kids the whole weekend, but I think they knew it was a vacation too, and they enjoyed it. They loved having a new place to explore, and LOVED having their dad around for the whole weekend, without any interruptions!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

How is She This Big?

I feel like I look at Morgan daily and think she isn't such a baby anymore! In the last week, she has completely weaned (begrudgingly) from nursing, cut her two bottom teeth, is feeding herself little bitty vegetables and puffs, and has started "scooting." She gets a little further each time. I will put her down, turn around for a second, and then notice she had gotten into something I thought she couldn't reach!
Brandon's grandma cross stitched a blanket for each child, and Morgan is sitting on her personalized blanket to play in one if these pictures. Grandma spent a long time working on it, and I am thankful each child has a special blanket just from her!
I added a fussy picture so I could show Morgan's two teeth, which is why she has been unusually fussy! Since day one, Morgan has refused to take a bottle, so she has been at my side HER WHOLE LIFE! Once the tooth started coming in, we had to figure something out. I tried to casually wean, offer a bottle first, then would end up nursing every time. So, I ended up quitting nursing cold turkey and it took a whole day before she would even try a bottle. Now she is all bottles! Which is also nice so Daddy can get some feeding time in there too!
These are milestones for me to keep up with, so it may be of NO importance to anyone else. I love my babies, and it is fun to watch them grow!
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