Friday, March 28, 2008

Big Blue Bagel

I miss Big Blue Bagel in Auburn! All I want is for somewhere here in Birmingham to have a bagel/sandwich shop that makes them as good as Big Blue, and the bagel chips too! Today, I tried a new recipe for homemade bagel chips, and I came pretty close! I just sliced my 3 day old multi-grain bagels into very thin slices, drizzled them with olive oil and garlic salt, and baked them at 350 for 5 or 6 minutes per side... and they were a little slice of Auburn! Of course, nothing compares to Big Blue because they use all different kinds of bagels and not so much of the garlic salt! I used to get so frustrated when I would go there one day to get a full bag of bagel chips, but the next time they would skimp you and give you like 3 chips! Brandon is going to Auburn tomorrow for the A-Day game, maybe he will bring me back a surprise! (Is it still a surprise if I ask for it?)

Happy Easter (a little late)

4 generations of ladies... Nanny (my grandmother), No Name Yet Grandmother (my mom), Me, and Kate!

The bunny cake I made... yummy! Brandon's mom used to make these every Easter for them, so maybe we will carry on the tradition!

The best family pictures we could get... Kate would not cooperate, and she pooped on Brandon's arm so he had to lose the shirt!

What are these cool things?

She banged them together until they opened and was so excited to see her treats inside!

Kate's treats! (Plus a few candy treats for Mom and Dad) Kate got a singing bunny from Brandon's grandma and she laughs and claps for it when it sings! She got a giant bunny from her Uncle Derek... loves it! My parents gave her a fun bunny that springs up and makes a "boing boing" sound. Brandon's parents got her a book called "What is Easter?" that was a cute way of saying that it is not about the toys and candy, but about Jesus' death and resurrection. The Easter Bunny brought her some snacks, and a beach basket filled with toys, swim diapers, and sunscreen!
We had a great Easter, and we were so excited that Brandon was off, so he was home with us! We went to church and went to my parents' house for lunch. We had fun, but Kate faded FAST! She was squirming while we tried to take pictures, and then she pooped on her daddy... so we didn't stay too long! I was sad we didn't get any great pictures because Kate looked so cute, but at least we got a few! When she had her accident, it was really pretty funny, and I was so glad she didn't get any on her dress- Brandon didn't appreciate that comment since his shirt was soiled!
Kate and I were supposed to go to the beach this week, but one thing happened after the other to keep us from going. Friends with sick kids, schedule conflicts, etc... Life with kids! Anyway, we are going soon if it kills me!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Kate loves Pop and Uncle D

Kate says, "Hey Everybody!"
Brandon was on call Friday night and Sunday night this weekend so Kate and I packed up and headed to stay with my dad and my brother. It is just more fun to have other people around to talk to me, and to entertain Kate! She loves playing with them! Brandon got to come home for Saturday afternoon, but he headed out early Sunday morning! We grilled out Friday night and ate some burgers and watched a movie (No Country For Old Men- do not waste your time, it was horrible!). Saturday, Dad got some hands on time with Kate while I went shopping for fabric and patterns to make Kate some more clothes. Saturday night, Derek had several friends over to cook out and play Corn Hole (toss the beanbag into the hole in a raised board, for those who have not enjoyed this game before). Brandon was home, so he loved hanging out with Kate before he had to disappear for another few days. Once we got Kate bathed and ready for her bedtime bottle, Brandon and I went to Brusters- I love their ice cream in a waffle bowl! We came home and Kate was sound asleep on her Pop (who was also sound asleep).
I worked all day Sunday, which was another great reason to stay out there, so I didn't have to pack Kate up at the crack of dawn to drive her out to my dad. I left a little after 6 and Kate was still sound asleep, and I came home around 7:30 that night and Kate was ready for bed. It was strange to miss an ENTIRE day with her! I guess I have worked mostly half shifts since I had her, because I called a few times just to see what she was doing! I left a detailed schedule for my dad and Derek, and I think she stuck to it pretty well. Dad said he was exhausted after playing all day. It is amazing how much more and how much faster Kate crawls when she has more space. She also is taking real steps (not just me pulling her along) when you hold her hands or she holds your legs. Kelly was walking with her the other night and she was shocked at how fast Kate puts those legs out there! Dad would walk her from the kitchen through the dining room, into the den and she would be smiling ear to ear... it will not be long before this little girl is walking on her own! She has also really started to love her toy that she stands behind and walks when it moves. We just have to make sure she isn't on a slick surface! Derek said that he had an "epic nap" with Kate on the hammock outside in the afternoon- I was a little jealous since I was working and didn't even see the sun all day long! Kate also showed Derek how much fun she was having with him when he tried to leave and she went nuts. He said he came back to her and she was fine, but when he left she lost it again. She is a girl who knows what she wants!
Another good update on the napping, I was even able to put Kate down in her crib at her grandparents' house and she went to sleep without screaming. At home, she has even stopped scaling her bumper and crib rails when I leave the room, she just stays there with her head down and goes to sleep shortly after. I am aware that since I just wrote that, we will probably regress and have horrible naptimes from now on, but I had to brag on her!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Don't Make Me Jump!

Kate loves to stand up on ANYTHING, even the footboard of our bed! No- I did not let her do this long, but she was looking at the floor like, "should I jump?" and "how do I get there?" and she was confused as to how she was standing but was so much higher than usual. While I get dressed, she loves to crawl around the bed. I stack up the covers and she crawls over them like hills. She is so funny when she stands because she automatically goes into Jumperoo mode and starts bouncing. P.S.- look at all the hair she has gotten!
Also, I am happy to report some progress in the napping routine. Yesterday, I took Kate to her room, read a book, sang a song, and rocked her for just a minute, and put her down. She whined for just a second, and then slept soundly for an hour and a half. We still have our moments though, and yesterday afternoon she only slept for 30 minutes. However, I am still glad to not listen to screaming for 45+ minutes! We keep praying that she will learn that it is not punishment to be in her bed, but it is just a time of peace and rest!
A funny note- Kate laughs out loud every time the weather maps come on TV. We have the Today Show going each morning (so I feel like I am in touch with the outside world), and the weather comes on every few minutes. Each time the weather maps come on, Kate stares at the TV and laughs so hard so it sounds like: giggle, huge inhale, giggle, huge inhale, etc. I just cannot imagine my life without this sweet girl that makes me laugh!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

You're So Vain...

Kate got into my makeup bag and is chewing on some mascara and lipgloss... a girl after my own heart! If anyone knows me well, they know that I "collect"/am obsessed with Trish McEvoy makeup. So, naturally Kate is going to love it too! I had to move the rest out of the way because Brandon would die if she really did ruin some of it, he thinks it is too expensive to use, much less play with!
Then, Kate got into the bottom drawer of the bathroom while I was getting ready, and she found some toothpaste. I always know when she has gotten into something because she gets very quiet. She was just chewing away on the cap, I am sure it feels good on those gums. (Tooth update- we have 4 on the top and 2 on the bottom, with more on the way in!) I made sure there was no toothpaste on the cap that she could get to so I just let her chew a little more.
Who knew babies cared so much about their appearance at such a young age? I just thought these were funny!

Snow Pictures

Yes, I know we look like we just rolled out of bed- we had just rolled out of bed! The last picture was of Kate when she was feeling the snow. More pictures later!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Brandon!

Brandon turned 26 yesterday! We have been reminded several times by friends lately just how young we are! We don't think of ourselves as being that young, but I guess in the scheme of things our life is probably not the norm for people our age. We have a child, we go to bed around 9:00, we have dinner at home almost every night, and our idea of excitement is watching the Biggest Loser! With Brandon waking up around 5 AM most every day and driving to Tuscaloosa to work all day, and Kate waking up early ready to play ALL DAY, we just don't have the energy for much more! His parents came in town on Thursday and we went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory- we like to celebrate birthdays all week long!
It snowed here on Saturday morning! There was probably about an inch or two, but it didn't last! We did get up bright and early to enjoy it before it melted, we got pictures, but for some reason this keeps saying my servor had an error and I cannot put the pictures on yet. Kate had some snow in her hands and she didn't know what to think. She just watched it melt and looked at me like, "why did you take away my snow?" We had a lazy day around the house because it was too cold to do much outside of the house. We met a few friends for dinner, and baby Liam made his debut at Cafe Ciao (he was only 8 days old, way to go Boyles for getting out of the house!). We had our own little room, which was great since Kate thinks it is hilarious to talk as loud as she possibly can!
We went to lunch at Irondale Cafe with my family for Brandon's birthday. Kate had fallen asleep in the car on the way there (she didn't nap all morning in the church nursery), and right when we got there, trains were going by and honking so loud- but she didn't budge. She slept through the entire meal! After lunch, my mom came over to help me with the dress I am making for Kate, because the directions say, "gather at the waist." But, they don't tell you how to gather. I am no seamstress, so I don't even pretend to know how to do anything interesting. My mom helped me on the dress, and it is almost done. All I have to do is put some buttons on the back and she is ready to go! I tried it on her this morning, and it is precious! If it will just stay warm enough for her to actually wear it!
Last Friday, Katie and Campbell went with me and Kate to a few church consignment sales and we got some good bargains! I love those sales- I got Kate a smocked pink bubble outfit for $5! I kept waiting to find some nasty stain on it, but there is not one anywhere! One day, I am going to learn how to smock and save some serious money! Once again, I guess I should master the basic sewing skills first!
On a good note, Kate is gradually getting better at her naptimes. For her entire life, she has been able to go to sleep in your lap with no problem, but if you put her in her bed before she is asleep, she would scream and scream like you hurt her feelings so badly! But, we have been trying to put her in her bed so she can put herself to sleep, and she has been using the whole time standing up, screaming, throwing pacifiers, screaming some more, etc. We are sticking with it though because I need to be able to put her down even if it is just for my own sanity! So, this morning, she didn't cry when I left her room, but whined/cried for about 15 minutes until I went back in to tell her she was okay, but it was naptime. When I laid her down, she had her eyes open, but she didn't move (she normally pulls herself up immediately to watch me walk out) and she slept for an hour and a half! Yay Kate! Keep that up!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Bad Hair Day

This is Kate's beautiful hair this morning! Needless to say, she did some moving in her bed last night! It was not too long ago that she barely had any hair, so we are thankful for this little mohawk! It is better than nothing!

We went for Kate's 9 month checkup yesterday and she is doing great! She is still in the 50th percentile for her weight, but the 80th for her height! She eats plenty, but she just doesn't have the rolls like some babies! When we were at the doctor, I saw a baby that was not even 8 months yet and he looked like he was twice her size! Dr. Peters was glad to see Kate standing up and taking steps if she is holding on, and talking up a storm. Her iron was a little low, but we are starting a vitamin to take care of that!

We went to the park with our friends Katie and Porter the other day because it was so warm! We even pulled out the sunscreen- Kate is so pasty white! Kate and Porter had so much fun, even though Kate tried to steal all of his toys! He was so sweet and he shared with her. The first picture was us trying to make them look at us, but Kate just thought we wanted her to clap... so we never got any great face shots of them together. The second one is Kate stealing his toys and waving a camera case around- notice his hand saying "Back off, these are mine!" They were so sweet together and we need to have some more playdates so Kate can learn to share! I love the warm weather, I just love Kate in springy dresses. I bought her some sandals and clothes at the Kids Market consingment sale yesterday- I can't wait to use them! I think I will probably plow through some sunscreen this summer with all of her sleeveless bubble outfits and dresses. I am also working on making her first dress, we will see how that goes! More updates on that later!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Trying new things

This is Kate trying some toast... she loves it because she chews/gums it until it is soft, but it is sooooo messy! I am used to the easy clean-up of cheerios and puffs, so this trying real food is a little tough to get used to. I have been giving Kate her own spoon while I feed her and she has been interested in trying to feed herself- but we are a long way off! I am so obsessed with not making a big mess that it kills me to let her sling a spoonful of carrots- which stain very badly- all over herself and the high chair. I am working on loosening up a little bit so I can make it more fun for her. :)

Another new thing is "NO NO." I have recently realized that Kate is starting to do things just to push my buttons, so I thought it was a good time to start teaching Kate what to do and not to do. It is funny though, because she really knows when I don't want her to do something, and then she does it. She has a huge toy box in our den, but she wants to play with my candles and coasters. She walks along the couch holding on, and she grabs the same candles every time, but I don't want her near the candles because they are surrounded by coffee beans, and I don't wante her eating them/choking on them. So I watch her walk towards that table, and I say "No No." She stops and looks at me. A few minutes later, she walks to the table, I say, "No no." She stops and looks at me. One more time, the same thing, but this time I tap her hand and sternly say, "No no." This time, she stops, looks at me for about 30 seconds, and then slowly curls her lip and cries. Even though it breaks my heart, I have to tell myself that at least she is tenderhearted instead of defiant! So, she no longer walks to that table (as of now). We will see how long the hand tap stays with her. Here is a picture of the sneaky girl getting to that table...

A few more new things Kate is doing are waving (I can tell it is a wave, but I don't think anyone else can), and clapping. If you say, "Yay," she claps and smiles really big like she knows she did something good. I know these are silly little things, but they truly fill my heart with joy!

Brandon's cousin, Christie, had her baby girl, Rylie, on Monday and one of my best friends, Jennifer, had her baby boy, Liam, on Thursday. I am so excited for them both because I know the love that they already feel and the joy they are going to experience daily with their new little ones!
My mom and I went to the Birmingham Area Moms of Multiples (no I am not having any multiples) consignment sale last night, and we got Kate some of the cutest outfits and pajamas. I love consignment sales and I am excited about hitting up Kids Market next week! What a great way to buy kids clothes since they grow out of them so fast!
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