Monday, January 17, 2011

War Eagle (a week later)

We got to take a fantastic trip to Glendale to watch our Tigers play, thanks to Papa G and JoJo! What a Christmas present to remember!

This was our crew, and we all fit in one Suburban to get to the game. Guess who had to sit up front to not get carsick?

We tailgated in the parking lot and ran into some of our best friends from Auburn.

Then we went to "Tiger Walk," which was pretty lame compared to normal. This was my view behind two fences, but I guess they had to be careful, who knows what kind of crazy people were there! The band and cheerleaders walked through and the buses brought in the players.

The jumbo tron alternated images of Auburn and Oregon logos, I just cared about seeing the AU.

Our seats were just under the ESPN booth, so we got to see them filming, that is Urban Meyer's head on the left.

Hey Cam! A picture of Gus Malzahn with his quarterbacks.

It was amazing to see the confetti shoot out and the players run out, flags were waving... it was great! The crowd was probably at least 70% Auburn fans, so you can imagine the excitement in there! We were sitting in the Auburn endzone, so this was the scoreboard above us with the final score!

I am not always the first to pay attention to football games, but this game was easy to watch! I am so glad we got to go out there, and experience it all in person, but it was probably just as fun to watch on tv. We were scheduled to take the red-eye flight back home, and it was cancelled on Monday morning due to bad ice storms in Alabama, and they said they would send us home on Thursday... not going to work! I ran into some friends at the game, and when they told me they were flying home without any problems, I was determined to get home! After the game, we checked our flights, and saw that our original flight was open again, but we hadn't brought our bags. So we left the game, went straight to get our bags, and then raced to the airport. When we got there, they told us the flight was full and that we could just wait on standby. We reminded them that we were originally booked for that flight, so we should be on it, and somehow a manager let us go with "seat requests" to the gate. We had to run through the airport, because we arrived as they announced it was the final call for our flight. We made it, and I was furious, because I could count more than 20 empty seats on that plane! How many people were sitting there waiting to get home?! Anyway, we made it home, but I was feeling ROUGH! (Maybe this is TMI) On our way home from the airport, I was tired, starving, etc., so all I wanted was a biscuit, but nothing was open due to the weather. So I sat in the car with my barf bag in my lap trying not to gag the whole way home. We made it, I shoved slices of bread in my mouth and climbed into my bed. I didn't even call my mom to tell her we had made it home until lunchtime, and she was just glad it wasn't Thursday! Thanks Slagleys for making this trip happen, and thank you to my parents for watching the kids (in an ice storm) for 3 nights!
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