Thursday, July 29, 2010

Playing Inside

We have had to get a little creative to play inside since it is too hot to stay outside for long. So, last week a fairy princess invited Batman over for a tea party. She was so excited to put on her wings and princess high heels. And he was just excited to play at all!

They slaved in the kitchen for a little while. But, they acted like it was the best food they had ever eaten. I might have slipped a twizzler in their teacups.

Batman was a very sweet guest, and the fairy princess was quite the hostess! This took up a surprising chunk of time one day, so we will be doing it again very soon!

We have also played some Rock Band with the kids, and Kate thought it would spice it up to play the drums with ski goggles on. She is so random!
We have tried to play with sidewalk chalk a few times, but Blake always turns out looking like this... so this is becoming less frequent!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hot Days

It is so hot and we didn't have the baby pool set up, so why not just use the hose? It is too hot to play outside without being in some kind of water, so these two loved every minute!

Blake just wants to fill that watering can so he can water all the flowers, but his sweet sister is not always willing to share the water.
Sometimes she gets him right in the face, but he has learned to turn around and enjoy the cool splash.
He follows her around begging for water...
Then he gives up, and squeals with delight!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dying Laughing

Brandon and I were watching this video tonight and were dying laughing. You may have already seen "Swagger Wagon" by Toyota, but this is right up there with it. Enjoy!

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