Tuesday, November 23, 2010

From Their Eyes

I have a lot to be thankful for! Two of my biggest ones would like to share some things they are thankful for now. I have been asking them to tell me what they were thankful for, so this is straight out of their mouths.

Kate- Campbell (her BFF), Mommy and Daddy, Bubbie (Blake), all my grandparents, Sage and Montana (some more friends), Caroline (a buddy from MDO), rambling about when she behaves and gets to watch "toons."
Blake- Mommy, my head (as he points to his head), Dora and Boots (Do NOT forget Boots!), Cheetos, Kate, John Burke, Turner, K.K. (Kelly), baby Chloe, Pop Pop, my back (pointing to his back).

Obviously there are a lot of things left off of this list, but these were straight from them tonight. Just thought I would share that you are never too young to be thankful! I am thankful for these 2 silly kids.

Monday, November 15, 2010

She Is NOT Shy

I sometimes think that Kate should belong to Kelly. She talks to ANYONE any time, loves talking about silly things, wants to stay up all night reading, always wants to be around people and says things that could make you stop in your tracks and say, "Did she just say that?" Most people who know Kelly already know she is this way, but it is always funny to be around when she meets new people. Kate is the same way. If you try to not talk to her, she will go out of her way to say, "Hi, my name is Kate." Even to strangers walking by while we play in the yard! Other times, she will say things that I have to quickly correct... some quick stories:
Last week, I was picking up my kids from the nursery after Bible study and a men's group was leaving their meeting at the same time. A "little person" was leaving just in front of us and my friend Jamie said her daughter pointed out the little man, so I thought I was in the clear. Until we were in the parking lot and he was a few steps from us, Kate said loudly, "Look Mom, he is a little boy daddy." I gave her a look and said, "let's get to the car." But she continued! Then she explained to me, "he is a daddy, but a little boy too." At this point, Blake chimed in too and pointed while saying, "A little boy" over and over again. I was MORTIFIED. The man was very kind and just smiled at us while I mouthed "Sorry." We had a little talk in the car about appearances, and how God makes each person different, and we shouldn't talk about it.
Apparently, the talk didn't work! We were out to dinner and a little girl (who happened to have an afro hairdo) said something loud and Kate stared until she was redirected to our table. A few minutes later, Kate said, "Did you hear that little girl with the fuzzball hair?" No You Did Not! Of course, I grabbed her arm tightly and said we do NOT talk about other people's appearances, EVER! We have been talking at home a lot lately about the way God makes people different and getting her to understand that she is not the definition of normal.
Let's hope these talks spare me from more public red-faced events, and her from hurting someone's feelings!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Blake and Happy Halloween!

Blake turned 2 on Halloween! My baby is 2, I cannot believe it! We didn't have a party because I have only had first birthday parties for each, and I didn't want to have another for him and not for her, etc, etc. So we had a family cupcake night. Blake had asked for green cupcakes, so I just did green sugar on chocolate icing. The sad thing is he didn't even want the cupcake!

Kate is always happy to cheer him on!

Kate was a ladybug for Halloween, and Blake was supposed to be a monkey... but he would have NO part in dressing up. So, it was a good thing we didn't end up Trick or Treating.

My parents came over to celebrate and go out to dinner. When Blake woke up from his nap, he ONLY wanted Gigi... as in, would not let go of her. My dad (and Kate) put together his tricycle they gave him, and then Kate played with it since he wouldn't let go of my mom. We went to dinner and came home, not too eventful, but we did get to celebrate our favorite 2 year old! He is still his sweet self, but has been throwing some fits like you would not believe. We are going to nip this "terrible twos" behavior in the bud! Brandon worked most of the weekend, so we just rested and let Kate trick or treat from my parents, Blake didn't care! I don't know where I have been but I have been busy, and our computer was down, so maybe I will be back to the blogworld now!
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