Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Tricks and A Big Trip

Remember those curls in the last post? GONE! His hair was out of control, so we went for his first professional haircut, and he did great. I wouldn't have put him through the trauma of cutting it myself if I had known how easy it was to get it done, although way more expensive than it should be for a child!

Morgan is into her new play gym. We had a terrible one from when Kate was a baby, but I got this and she can lay on it for over an hour. She kicks the piano keys with her feet, and has started grabbing the toys that hang down. She sees herself in the mirror and just coos and coos, it is sweet! This baby continues to amaze me with her laid-back spirit... just not used to it!

She likes sitting in her Bumbo (for a little bit). Her eyes are looking more like Kate these days, and she reminds me of her when she smiles.

Morgan went on a getaway weekend with just me and Brandon a few weekends ago. It was so nice to get away and relax. Here is what Morgan did while I sat on the beach. Brandon just sat on the porch reading with her in the swing so I could enjoy some cool beach breeze and a good book. Heaven! And while we were there, the "big kids" went on an exciting trip of their own!

Their Papa G and JoJo took them to DISNEY WORLD! I think it was the trip of a lifetime, they did everything fun, and more! I was impressed when Jody said they wanted to take them by themselves, they are sweet kids, but a few days with them will wear anyone out! They ate with the princesses, went to the Not-So-Scary Halloween Parade, and saw "the real" Finding Nemo. Kate has an autograph book from all of the princesses, Donald Duck, Eeyore, etc. So cute! I was sad to miss seeing it all in person, but I know they couldn't have had more fun- they are just slighty obsessed with Papa G and JoJo. And they kept us up to date with picture texts of all the fun things they did.

Kate with Belle... she was probably so excited, she couldn't stand still!

Donald... I love Blake's body language.

The kids in Mickey ears.

Riding fun rides with JoJo!

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