Friday, June 25, 2010

Everyday Stuff

Blake loves to dance, even if it is to Justin Bieber on the Today Show. I laughed so hard because the band's dancers were all over the stage and waving arms around, so that is exactly what Blake did!

Brandon collapsed after a call night, and the kids were running all around him and screaming... he didn't budge! He is finishing his last week as an intern this week! On to brighter days and less call nights!

Blake has been getting his incisor teeth- the pointy canine teeth- and has been a little whiny. One morning, he was up so early that he was exhausted by 9, and this is what I found around 10 am... a sleeping Blake with the world moving all around him. I guess he takes after his daddy in the sleep department.

We watched John Burke the other morning, and he is one easy/happy baby! Kate was a big helper, and I had to beg her to let me hold him. If I didn't have to carry it, Kate took care of it, and it was as easy as this one, I may think I could handle another one now! I think we will wait.

Blake is getting more independent these days too. He was a little bit of a plumber this day. He wants to feed himself- which is why he is only wearing a diaper- and has started pitching some nice fits. He is doing well with time out. I set him in his room and tell him that we do not pitch fits and when he is done he can say he is sorry. I really was doing it for consistency reasons, but he actually does calm down and walk into the room I am in and says, "Soddy." Funny little guy!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Kate!

We were at the beach for Kate's 3rd birthday this year. Brandon had a crazy week at work, so he couldn't come with us, but we celebrated when we got home. Kate's birthday always falls on Memorial Day weekend, so it is hard to have a party because people are always traveling. But, we had a sweet friend bring us cupcakes when we got home, from Dreamcakes in Homewood. AMAZING!!! They are all different flavors, and Kate had strawberry with a cream cheese filling. You can tell by her face that she enjoyed it! Blake had chocolate icing on a yellow cupcake, one of my favorites!

We celebrated with my parents, Kelly and her family, and Derek and his family at the beach. We had all 5 grandkids on my side there to help Kate blow out her candles. She said she wanted a pink cake, so we got her a strawberry oreo ice cream cake, and it was pretty good! Kate loves all of our big family, and she loves holding these new babies. She tells Kelly and Stacy, "I can hold him/her for a little while." There is no asking, she just tells them that she can. We got home and Brandon had a few surprises waiting on her. She may not have had an actual party, but she celebrated for the whole week! I like it!
P.S.- she did not get her ears pierced, but she got some play makeup and sticker earrings for her birthday... someone asked me if that is what she got for her birthday.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Still Here

I promise I am still alive, but we have been busy! Kate finished Mothers' Day Out, so we have had a lot of energy in this house. Brandon and I got away for a weekend without the kids to go to the beach, and it was MUCH NEEDED! He has not had a break in a long time, and it is always nice to get a break from these wild kids. Brandon had to get back to work, so Kelly and I took our kids to the beach and had a few low key days there. It was still great to be at the beach, even if everyone around us thought we were crazy. Life with little kids is just what you make it to be. I always tell people that you can stay home with 2 kids or you can go to the beach with 2 kids, and I would rather do the beach sometimes! Anyway, my laptop crashed, so I have no way to get pictures up right now, but I am hoping my tech-savvy husband will work on it this weekend. The kids are getting so much better around the pool. Kate just puts her floaties on and she is in the pool for hours. Blake will hang around the steps and play with water toys, and occasionally get in the water with floaties. My plan is to go to my parents' house all summer and get them very used to the pool, and maybe try to get a little sun while we are there! I hope I can get some pictures up so you can see some cute beach shots.
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