Sunday, May 29, 2011

Birthday Girl

How is she 4? Didn't I just start this blog when she was born? She has been looking forward to this day for a while, and it seems like it shouldn't be the end of May yet. My Kate Bug is 4, and she wants everyone to know it! Luckily, she has let Blake think that it is his birthday too and they have shared the celebration.

She had a BLAST celebrating with friends and family. She mostly loves attention, but she got a little overwhelmed a few times and needed some space. Blake was pretty unsure of the whole thing, so he just stuck to his popsicle.

She had plenty of help opening her presents, but she quit halfway through to play in the water some more.

Brandon picked out a new bike with training wheels that will be fun to learn how to ride. It is strange that she is big enough for a real bike!

She loved her party hat so much, she didn't take it off for the water fun. We had baby pools, slip n slide, and other fun yard toys for all the kids, so she just went from one to the other. It is amazing what a little water in the yard can do for kids! We spent another few hours on the slip n slide and in the pool again today. It is fine with me, it wears them out and allows me to sit to the side and rest while they play. I am glad we got to celebrate Kate before Morgan comes in just over 6 weeks! She has had lots of questions of what happens when Morgan comes, where will she stay, will she get to see me, and will I be leaving her alone- that one made me sad! I hope she will always know how special she is to all of us, our lives changed forever 4 years ago today!
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