Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Blake!

Blake turned 4 on Halloween!  He had a great day, but he wasn't sure about the whole thing.  I don't think he liked the attention.  Kate woke him up singing Happy Birthday to him at 6:30 and all he said was a grumpy "I don't even care about your song!"  Then they came in the kitchen and I said, "Hey Birthday Boy," and he screamed back, "I am still Blake!"  His class had a Halloween party, so I brought sweet treats and we sang to him and let him wear his teacher's birthday hat.  He wore it, and the picture above shows him smiling but he didn't crack a smile the whole time they sang to him!
I have several cute pictures that I have tried to upload, but it says "server returned invalid response" where I try to upload them onto here.  Any idea what that means??  Anyone have any advice for that?


Elizabeth and David said...

Happy Birthday to Blake! I thought about him on Halloween...I can not believe he is 4! Wow!! Hope you guys are doing well.

Jamie and Blake said...

this post is making blake and i laugh! i wish we could see your kiddos grow up!! miss y'all!!!

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