Thursday, July 10, 2008

Something Wrong With These Pictures...

Kate wandered into our room and this is where I found her! Thank God Bailey did not get territorial with her in her domain! Can you see Bailey pulling her head away and looking at me like, "Get her out of here!"?

Kate's hair was funny first thing in the morning, so I thought I would post this one too. I pulled Kate out and told her "No, No!" and tried to keep her away, but there is just something that fascinates her with Bailey's kennel. I just wonder what is so exciting about a metal kennel? Maybe it is the fact that she is not allowed in there. She doesn't even do anything when she is in there but sit and stare out... weird kid, huh?
I guess the "No, No" discussion did not work, because here she was the next day! This time Bailey got out of the kennel and whimpered as if to say, "Mine" like an older child.
Bailey has really done some adjusting this last year with Kate in our lives- she wasn't so fond of her at first. Then she really just ignored Kate. But now that Kate chases her around and constantley "pets" Bailey, she really doesn't like her around... much less in her kennel!
Anyway, Kate is apparently going on nap strike around here! She has been acting so tired, so I put her down around 10 in the morning, but she only sleeps 45 minutes to an hour. Then, she is so tired around 2, but when I put her down, she just grunts and whines the entire time. Yesterday, she never even fell asleep during her afternoon nap. This is NOT ok with me! I am trying to figure out if this means that she is trying to go to one nap a day or if she is just so tired that she fights it the whole time. She was so tired last night that she feel asleep for a second drinking her milk before bedtime, and that has not happened in a long time! She went to bed early last night, because I was about to have a breakdown if I didn't have a minute without her too. When Brandon got home last night, he luckily just fixed us some dinner and let me have a minute to put my feet up! I am hoping that this nap strike ends soon, or that I can figure out the once a day nap and get it going. It just seems like she will be the most tired and whiny kid around if we wait til later to go to sleep! Any advice from other moms?


jane said...

no real advice-- just empathy! elisha will do the same thing... sometime in the next 6-12 months a move to one nap happens, and i think it is just miserable during the months of transition. makes me sad to think of not having 2 breaks during the day-- but maybe the one nap will be a really long one (not our norm!)

Ole Miss Mom said...

She probably is needing a shorter morning nap - like 30-45 mins....I'd stand your ground on the afternoon nap though - even if she cries the whole time! She'll eventually figure it out. You're going to want her to have that when the new baby brother gets here!! I'm a super strick mama about nap time! There are no ifs ands or buts! She could be teething, growing, testing you...who knows!

Barki's said...

oh, I felt like the transition to 1 nap took a million years, although you will get through it!! I feel for you. Don't know if this helps, but I cut out Brandon's morning nap and then moved his afternoon nap earlier, then gradually moved it later again. It made for some long nights though... making it from an earlier nap to bed time, esp. if Brian was on call!! I'll pray for you. I was always wondering "does he need one nap or not", I wish he could just tell me. It was also hard to plan anything during this time because you never knew when he'd just be so tired. good luck!

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