Friday, October 24, 2008

Blake is Getting Some New Stuff

Blake is going to be using a lot of hand-me-downs, whether it is equipment from Kate or clothes from consignment sales. He is going to use the same carseat that we used for Kate, the same pack-n-play, the same jumperoo, swing, bouncy seat, toys, etc. Here are some of the little things that I have gotten(purchased or not) for JUST Blake:

This is called a Hooter Hiders nursing cover, and this is the pattern I got. Brandon got me this for my birthday and I really was so excited about it! I think I will be out and about more than I was at first with Kate, and this way I can be discreet. I still don't think I will be nursing in public places, but I can use it at several places we go all the time.

This is called the "Miracle Blanket" and Kate had a pink one. It really is a miracle worker, it is almost like a straight jacket for babies. It keeps them swaddled so they don't wake themselves up by their movement. I found this one and a solid cream one on Ebay for a great deal!

This is almost just like the cradle we have for Blake. We didn't use it for Kate because we put her in her crib so fast. She has already claimed that room, so Blake is using the cradle that I actually used as a baby. Brandon had to tighten a few screws and my dad put some reinforcements in the joints of the wood, and it is just like new!

These are the BPA-free bottles from Dr. Browns. I had the other ones for Kate, and Babies R Us took back the other ones and exchanged these for free! I know I technically did not buy these, but at least they are just for him!
I don't know why it makes me feel better to have a new thing or two just for him, but it does. Everyone keeps saying, "You seem so relaxed, are you sure you are ready?" How ready can I be? I have everything set up, I feel (somewhat) prepared physically and emotionally for a newborn and all that entails. I guess i will just have to play it by ear and see what life is like once we do have him. I don't know that you are ever really prepared for a new baby... I know it is going to be a learn-as-you-go thing for me!


Emily said...

Love the blog - I have a few points.
1. I cracked up at the name of the nursing cover. I love the pattern. I hope that works for you. You'll have to let me know.
2. LOVE the miracle blanket. It is the single thing that we couldn't live without with Mason. I have some friends that I have tried to suggest it to but they never got on board with it - it is a LIFE SAVER once the baby adjusts.
3. I know what you mean about not stressing as much the 2nd time. At least you know what to expect and you know that those "sleeping in" days are gone.
4. Keep us posted!

LB said...

I had a hooter hider, and most likely would have loved it, but Ada never nursed well, so it was quite the production every time we nursed. There was nothing discreet about it:) However, I did use it a few times when Jane was over and I was needing to pump. I just wore my hooter hider and talked to Jane without creating a very awkward situation:)I mainly loved it for the fabric!!

Mary Beth said...

Thanks for your sweet comment the other day!! Just checking in to see if Blake has arrived :-) Can't wait to see pictures!

Jennifer and Michael said...

We are thinking of you every day! Praying for a healthy baby and momma! I miss you and wish that I could be there to celebrate the birth of Blake. Don't forget to give me a ring once things get settled down on the big day!

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