Thursday, October 9, 2008

I May Be Tired...

But not too tired to shop for bargains! I went to CVS earlier and had a great trip!

I am starting with 10 ECB from last week, so here is the breakdown...

Transaction #1

Soleil Razor, $5.99 (on sale from 6.99)

2 Soleil Razor Refills, $5.99 each (on sale from 6.99)

Colgate Maxfresh Toothpaste, $2.99 (on sale from 3.29)

Coupons Used:

(3) $2 off Soleil coupons

$4 off $20 CVS purchase coupon (printed from last purchase)

$10 ECB from last week

Total out of pocket: $1.66, and then I earned $4 ECB for each razor, and $2 ECB for the toothpaste, and then a bonus ECB popped up on the receipt thanking me for my summer spending... So, basically including ECB I spent $11.66, but I earned $15 ECB, making a net profit of $3.34. CVS just paid me to take home this stuff!

Transaction #2

Tylenol Rapid Release, $6.00 (on sale from 7.49)

Children's Motrin, $6.00 (on sale from 6.99)

2 Children's Tylenols, $6.00 each (on sale from 7.49)

CVS Hand Sanitizer Spray, $1.99

Coupons Used:

$2 off Tylenol Rapid Release

$3 off when you buy 3 Tylenol/Motrin products

$5 off $25 CVS purchase printed with first transaction

$12 ECB from razors

$2 ECB from toothpaste

$1 ECB from summer spending

Total out of pocket: $1.59, and then I earned $1 ECB from the hand sanitizer and $10 ECB for spending $20 on Tylenol/Motrin products.

So, I started with 10 ECB and only spent $3.25 cash out of pocket for $55.71 worth of merchandise, and I still have $11 ECB to roll next time! This is why I love CVS! I will probably do another week or two and then take a break from CVS-ing to spend some time with Blake. Besides, we have enough razors, deodorant, and toothpaste to last another year!


Wanting What I Have said...

I've just had the best time reading through some of your recent posts and catching up! I'm so happy for y'all (Blake) and for Kelly - I've been a bit out of the loop! And I am LOVIN' your CVS deals! I've been trying to work them, too!

Natalie said...

i found your blog from courtney's, and this is the second time i have read one of your posts about the cvs bargain thing. this is right up my alley but i have no idea where you get the coupons or what all the stuff means! sounds amazing and exciting to me :) haha but that is bc i love BARGAINS! anyway, prayers for your new little one!

natalie roe

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